Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving!! Mine was busy.  Sometimes a lot of family time is too much family time.  One bright side was this adorable puppy!  She’s so cute.  She’s also a little insane. I have many a bite mark on my arms from her, but they were all worth it.

In my family, time is usually spent playing cards but this year the tradition was overrun by iPods,  iPads,  and iPhones.   My cousins and I spent hours on end playing Temple Run and, after dinner, the whole family joined   in and we played Draw Something with each other.  I can't say I preferred this communication but I also can't say it wasn't fun.

My little cousin is a little too proud of his score of a wimpy 260,000 in Temple Run. I’m sorry and slightly ashamed to admit that my family participates in Black Friday every year.  I’m even more ashamed that I like to participate.  Now, you may be thinking that ‘participating’ means going out at 11 and shopping for a few hours. No.  My family starts at midnight and doesn't stop till 5 then wakes up early and shops more.  It’s bad but super fun.  Seriously though, I feel like an awful person but it’s just fun.  This year we started at 11 and went to 3 then woke up later, drove 3 hours and continued. Usually my family doesn't go all the way to Sacramento so we were a little shocked by the amount of people at the mall that morning.  We're used to a couple families but mostly 30 to 50 year olds...well that doesn't happen in Sacramento.  The mall was full of teens. I'm not the type to be overwhelmed by crowds but there were times when I wanted to grab my mothers hand.  As a 16 year old you have to be pretty afraid to do that.  When we were at Macys, a fight occurred upstairs and the women working were saying it had been happening all night.  It was a little terrifying to know that people could get so angry over things. It was bad, but I got a lot of clothes I really like so I think it all equates.  My favorite purchase by far was these heels from Forever 21.  I've fallen in love.

We also watched Cloud Atlas and it was amazing.  Seriously, if you haven't seen it, just go.  I hope you all had a wonderful day with family and good food. I've got to get back to some school work.  Only 50 more pages of Anna Karenina to read tonight! Have a good day!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sharpie Eyebrows!

I was watching a recent YouTube video by the wondrous Zoella in which she and Tanya Burr had the idea of using a sharpie to fill in your eyebrows.  I know, this is probably an awful idea but why not.  I have nothing better to do right now....except an essay...or three...even more reason to try it! Here's the video if you want to watch it.  It was pretty entertaining.  Would You Rather (Beauty Edition)

Eyebrows PreSharpie
    (Dear God my nose looks huge....)

 The instrument.

Just some proof that I actually put Sharpie on my brows.

So what do you think?

Personally, I think I look kinda ridiculous.  Maybe with a brown sharpie instead of a black one it would look more normal.  However, I think my problem was my natural hair colour.  As a blonde, black eyebrows doesn't really fit...but I think if your hair is dark, sharpie brows wouldn't look too out of place. I think it would definitely work as an alternative if you really need to fill in your brows though.  Next thing to test, Sharpies as eyeliner!  Okay that one actually sounds like a bad idea.  Something that toxic close to your eyes sounds like a trip to the hospital to me.  I can still smell the sharpie on my brows...though that could just be my brain sometimes I smell weed when I hear a Drake song.... Anyway, the only thing I'm worried about now it how to get it off...

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hello again...

Okay, this time I swear I’m staying around.  I’m going to reboot this blog.  I love the idea of having a place to document what I think in a formal way, which is why I’m starting this blog instead of just keeping a journal for myself.  Plus I need a place to procrastinate in a creative way otherwise I’ll just spend 10 hours on YouTube like I did today…yeah that was a bad move when you have a paper to write.

I’m planning to put a lot up on here.  Random pictures I have taken, reviews of books, movies, products, rants about the IB program. I can only hope you enjoy!