Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Winter Blues

Days when the sun shines like this remind me that not all is naught.  Winter always puts me in a bad mood. Perhaps it was the childhood trauma of moving from Los Angeles to the constantly raining north but the rain and the cold will never be my friends.  It seems I dress more summery in the winter then I do in the summer and, though it has rained all week and been around 30°F, there were many days when I left the house without a coat or umbrella.

However, while I may dislike it outside, I love the smell and warmth of Christmas inside the house. My mom made shortbread cookies today which made the whole house smell like we were burning a shortbread candle but with the addition of being able to eat it!  Plus I can now run my little bedroom heater 24/7 and no one will complain!  Sorry dad but 70°F is too cold for me.

Tomorrow is my last day of school, and I cannot wait for it to be over.  The only thing to do is my philosophy final then I'm home free! Free to sleep till noon and read what I want to.  Wish me luck!

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