Friday, March 7, 2014

Musical Fridays

I was recently introduced to a new music station in my area and I've been listening to it constantly!  It plays the type of music I love and has introduced me to a new band everyday.  Therefore, I figured it was time for another installment of Musical Fridays, so here are some of my recent favorites!

Come With Me Now - KONGOS
This four brother band originally from South America is amazing!!  It blows my mind that one family can be so talented. This song, in particular, gets stuck in my head for hours and hours.  I'm also super impressed by their use of an accordion.  I can't wait for this band to blow up.

Love Don't Die - The Fray
Okay, this song isn't from a new band but this song is literally played every time I listen to the radio and I LOVE it.  This is a horrible music video, I hate it.  The song, however, can be on repeat for days and I will still love it.

Coming of Age - Foster the People
I absolutely love the 80s vibe of this song and video.  The only other song I know by Foster the People is Pumped Up Kicks.  Coming of Age sounds like it comes from an entirely different band.  I love both songs and cannot wait to hear more on their new album!

What music have you been loving recently?

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