Sunday, June 23, 2013

Cultural Necessities

As a young person, I know there are things I haven't experienced yet.  However, I feel that it is my job as a member of society to fix as many knowledge issues as possible. For example, I know a lot about Pink Panter and Harry Potter but when someone talks about Star Trek or James Bond I am completely lost. Now with an expansive summer looming ahead, I want to fill in some of these gaps.  I'll start with one of the largest.

Webcam 'cause I'm lazy

Amazingly I know absolutely nothing about Lord of the Rings.  I know the guys are named Frodo and Sam. I know that they have to throw a ring into a volcano in Mordor.  I know that Gandalf says 'You Shall Not Pass'.  Impressive, I know.  I've seen parts of them when my mom goes on a binge but now it's my turn.  Goodbye for 15 hours!

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