Monday, September 30, 2013

This Is The End

I fucking love This Is The End.  Yes, fucking love, R rated movies deserve R rated language.  I have seen this movie three times in theaters and I still love it. In fact, I think I laughed the most the third time!  I've seen this film with nerdy internet friends as well as preppy smart friends and they both enjoyed it! I even watched This Is The End with my 60 year old father who LOVED it.  Basically, you should watch this movie no matter who you are.

Jay Baruchel is finally back in LA for a perfect weekend with his best friend from teenage-hood Seth Rogan.  They decide spend their night at party hosted James Franco in his newly completed house. Jay, uncomfortable with the people in attendance, goes to buy another pack of cigarettes when blue lights begin to suck people into the sky. The apocalypse has started.  Stuck in Franco's house, Jay, Seth, James, Jonah Hill, Craig Robinson,  and Danny McBride must band together to survive.

This movie exceeds every expectation you could have about it.  Yes, it looks like another raunchy, apocalyptic, buddy comedy.  Yet, while it does have these elements, it actually has a slightly biblical message, be good to people.  While not an uncommon message, it's unusual in this type of comedy which usually thrives on putting someone down.  The story is about acceptance and I feel happy after watching it even though it contains huge penises and dirty humor.

I loved all the actors involved and I love that they played off of how the media portrays them.  Each person plays a stereotypical version of themselves.  Franco is the metro-sexual nerd in love with art and Danny McBride is the selfish frat-boy.  However, it is not necessary to know their image to enjoy this movie.  The characters are set from the beginning and react to the situation they're placed in.  When watching This Is The End, Seth Rogan isn't the guy who played Green Hornet, but rather the stoner in the corner.

This Is The End ranks near 21 Jump Street on my list of favorite comedies.  There are too many scenes in this movie that will make me laugh every time, the exorcism of Jonah Hill, the gun scene.  What do you think? Fabulous comedy or stupid stoner movie?

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