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Devilish by Maureen Johnson

Devilish by Maureen Johnson
Release Date: September 7th, 2006
Publisher: Razor Bill Books
Age Group: Young Adult
Pages: 288
Source: Free from Bookmooch
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Rating: 5/5

"Jane Jarvis and Allison Concord, seniors at Saint Teresa's Preparatory School for Girls, have always been too quirky to be popular, but at least they'll always have each other, right?  Not so much.  After a hideously embarrassing disaster, Allison comes to school transformed.  Suddenly she has cute hair and clothes, speaks fluent Latin, and won't even look at Jane.  With the help of a strangely wise freshman boy, Jane discovers the incredible truth: Allison has sold her soul to the devil.  Now Jane will have to save Allison before the bizarrely exclusive Poodle Prom, a party of biblical proportions that just might blow apart the world as Jane knows it."

This book was totally not what I expected but I really liked it.

When I sat down to read it I was ready for a very different type of book then it actually was.  I've read other books by Maureen Johnson and I hadn't read the summary on the back.  I thought it would be a girly romance type book without anything paranormal.  So, the demon/devil character was a surprise for me.

I think the best part of this book was the fact that I never knew what would happen next.  Most of the time in books I can guess what will happen but for this one everything I guessed was wrong.  Though out the book I had difficultly determining who would emerge victorious, the demon or Jane.

I also thought that the characters were very easy to relate with and had good flaws.  No one likes a perfect character. I thought that the point in the book where Jane understands her ex-boyfriend's character completely was one of the best parts in the book.

I do think that the ending of the book was rushed and hard to understand.  I still have no clue how Jane figured out what to do.  But it was still well written and a good read.

Overall, I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a paranormal read about dealing with the devil.      Fans of Maureen Johnson may be slightly surprised by the book's direction but will love it just the same.

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