Sunday, December 15, 2013

Product Review: Rimmel London BB Cream and NYC Sparkle Eye Dust

A couple of weeks ago I picked up these two products at my local drug store.  I was intrigued by the lip-gloss like applicator on the NYC Sparkle Eye Dust and I've been dying to try a BB Cream since I learned of their existence.  Now, after using these products, I've developed some opinions on them which I would like to share.

I love this eye shadow so much.  It's fabulous for lazy/late mornings when I don't have time to use my normal combo of three eye shadows.  It's weird but incredibly easy to apply as it is literally the same as a lip-gloss container.  The only slight annoyance is that it's hard to keep the power from straying above my crease.  However, this could easily be because I'm horribly lazy/late when I use this product.  All in all, it's really nice to use when you have little time in the morning.

I hate this BB Cream.  I love Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation everyday around my eyes so I figured that this BB Cream would be a good transition into a lighter foundation, no, that was a bad assumption.  This BB Cream makes my skin look really bad and kinda like cake.  I can visibly see the product on my face which is weird as the normal foundation blends right into my skin.  I just can't wear it.  Do you know of a good and cheap BB Cream I could try cause I really want to love it. (side note: I'm not wearing this in the picture)

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