Friday, March 8, 2013

Weekly Photos #8

I did better! Still not everyday but I did get some pictures I really liked.  This week was a good one.  Very low stress and surprisingly little homework.  I can't help but wonder when the homework monster will reemerge.

Package for my good friend/TREES!/the most perfect seashell I've ever found/movie tickets I saw this week/hair is dyed
Looking back, this week is even better than I remember.  Random hair experiments, movies and perfect seashells, what else do you need?!  I don't think there should be hair dye in my house because when I'm bored my hair gets dyed.  I've had this pink dye for about 6 months and and used it on the spur of the moment twice!  I really like the result this time and I might try it again in the future with more permanent hair dye.  It's already fading :P

Good Things

Darren Criss
I love this boy.  Especially his own music. I could listen to Muse and Stutter (above) and I Still Think over and over again forever.  He's just so adorable!  Come on Darren, quit Glee and put out some of you're own stuff, I'm sure there are enough people to buy it.  If you don't know Darren or you think he's just a stupid glee kid I urge you to listen to one of these songs and tell me what you think in the comments!

I Knew You Were Trouble ________ Version
You've probably found this on the internet already but I fall over laughing every time.  Oh Taylor, the world doesn't seem to be good to you right now.  Here are some other versions I love.  Darren, Nicholas Cage

How did your week go?!

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