Thursday, March 14, 2013

Weekly Photos #9

I used to be so productive.  Now I have huge projects due tomorrow, it's 9pm, and I have yet to start. On the bright side I have a Harry Potter movie marathon going on with me friends this weekend and hopefully there will be very little homework to do!!!  I also managed to get enough pictures this week and I'm really happy with their quality.

beautiful sunset/sunday morning breakfast/my salad in a gelato container/backpack friend/paperwork for my TOK presentation/handshake after a boy's tennis game/beautiful valley I discovered
By the time I write these posts, I forget the nice things about the week.  I'm always wrapped up in the work I have to finish that I forget about the wonderful adventures I had the weekend before!  As predicted my hair dye has already faded, but I loved it and I might dye it again with something stronger in the future.

Good Things

Ernest Hemingway
We started reading Hemingway's short stories in English class and I really like them.  We're reading a selection from In Our Time and some others.  So far, my favorite is A Clean, Well-Lighted Place. He may not be the most uplifting writer, but I'm astounded by how he fits so much story with so few words.  I'm even considering reading the entirety of In Our Time this spring break I'm that entranced.

Boy's Tennis Season
Tennis is a big deal at my school, basically because it is the only sports team we have.  I was on the girls team last year, but was never competitive enough.  However, I still love going to the games.  It also helps when it's the boy's team.  A reason to stare at semi-attractive men for an hour or so? Sign me up!

The California Coast
May times, I forget where I live.  It's beautiful here.  Many people live their lives never seeing the beach yet I drive by it twice a day!  Add in the Redwood forest and beautiful valleys and it's like a movie.  I remembered that this week when I went exploring.  I have never seen a sight as beautiful as that valley.  I can't wait to return.

How did your week go?

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