Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Car Adventures

I live in the middle of nowhere.  Okay, I'm slightly exaggerating, but the town I live in is as boring as the middle of nowhere.  There are three tiny towns where the pinnacle of excitement is the movie theater. Though I love movies, it can get old quickly.  Therefore, I've decided to start exploring my county.  My goal is to find new campsites, hiking trails, beaches and, ultimately, places that make me love where I live.  A couple days ago, I started this endeavor.  Two friends and I took a 30 min car trip up into the hills that surround the bay that our town is located on.

Driving a mom van up the hills was a little terrifying for the two
of us not driving but we made it safely!
Once we were there it was beautiful.  It was a 'warm' winter day (about
50-55° F) but there was still a ton of snow. 

By the ocean, it never snows, so we reveled in this rarity.           

We also spent a lot of time cow gazing.  There was the cutest baby
but it was too far away to get a picture.
All three of us can't wait to go back. It was so peaceful.  We saw a sign
for a town 30 more miles down the road and we plan to visit it soon!

Do you ever search for new places near home?  What have you found? How do you suggest finding places?

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