Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Upgrading is Compulsory

Painting is harsh.  It doesn't help that there is no light in my room and I could only paint when there was enough daylight, around 10am to 2pm everyday.  To most people, this schedule would be fine, but, as a vampire, I found it taxing.  But I braved the sunshine with bravo and competed this project within a week!

The color change is due to my only source of light after sundown, an orange paper lantern from Ikea.

 As you can see my room was pretty plain before.  Just some plain walls and empty windows. After almost 8 years of white walls, I was itching for a change. The process of painting is definitely messy.  Originally, I didn't have anything covering the floor, but my appalled  mother insisted on the newspaper and it quickly became the bane of my existence  I swear, every time I moved, that paper tore.  However, thanks to that newspaper, I succeeded with no lasting drips on the carpet! Finally, I moved back in...

The colors are soft chinchilla on the walls and a darker blue on the trim and door

... and I am in love with it.  The blues are so calming and the white curtains give it such an airy feeling.  I was worried that the room would be too dark, but it's definitely not.  I also love my cloud of chalkboard paint.  Does it look familiar?  I modeled it after the cover design of The Fault In Our Stars by John Green (One of my favorite books).  Currently, I'm been using the board as a permanent To Do List.  It's still a work in progress, I plan to buy some track lights for above my bed and create a wall clock above the stairs but those projects are in the future and right now I just want to pet the walls and revel in my achievement.

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