Saturday, February 9, 2013

Weekly Photos #4

Sorry I've been missing this week school just grabbed hold of my brain and wouldn't let go.  In fact, right now I'm frantically learning french as I write this blog post! I don't even have school tomorrow, but I do know how to say fire hydrant now, la bouche d'incendie! Anyway here are some pictures, I'm sorry that they're late.

Buying some gas/river up in the mountains/paper cranes on my bio project/a pot I made in ceramics/jump-starting my friend's car/sunny spot in a rainy sky/weird dogs on the side of the street
This week I basically lived in my car.  I took a good 4 hour road trip with my friends on the weekend and on Thursday I decided to sit in my car for a couple hours to do homework instead of going home.  I wonder if taking photos while driving is illegal cause I've done that...

Good Things:

#3 by The Script
I've had this album on repeat for most of this week.  I have a seven CD changer in my car and this is the only one I've listened to this week.  I love the mix of pop with meaningful lyrics.

Finishing Projects
I finished my literature seminar and my Group 4 project for the IB this week and while it isn't the end of my to-do list by far, it feels good to complete stuff.

My goals for this week are to really work on French so that I can test out and fininaly finish The Scorch Trials. It has been at least 3 weeks since I started it! Well that was my week, what about yours?

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