Friday, February 15, 2013

Weekly Photos #5

This week has been a lazy one for me.  There was a lull in my homework load which has enabled me to not do ANYTHING while still procrastinating on the one thing I have left to do.  Unblocking YouTube and Tumblr probably didn't help the situation either.  Anyway, I'm left with hours of work to do on my math IA and one night left.  Fun.  I was also pretty lazy with my picture taking as well so excuse me.

Homework time/my dog Leo/yummy cucumber and cream cheese bagel/a picture of the gif I made/Morton salt girl/seed germination for Biology/view from my morning drive to school
I spent most of my week in my house and it was surprisingly bearable and even relaxing.  While a cycle of home to school and back again seems excruciatingly monotonous it helps.  However, now, I'm itching to go explore or do something weird!  I don't have anything great planned yet but sometimes the unplanned events are the best.  Here's wishing!

Good Things:

This tea is GORGEOUS!!! And it tastes pretty good as well.  I received two boxes of them from my parents for Valentines (forever alone) and I put it in a pot as soon as I could.  It's basically a flower attached to the tea and I have no idea if that enhances the flavor, but the beauty is so mesmerizing it doesn't even matter.

My love of British vloggers has returned.  I managed to stay away for about a month, but once I watched one video I couldn't be stopped.  Especially if it's Zoella, Marcus and Alfie.

My goals for this week are still to finish the Scorch Trials (didn't even read a page...) and work on french (boring, I know).  The thrilling life of a teen. I hope you all had a good week!

OH! I also made this ridiculous gif while I should have been studying...

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