Wednesday, February 27, 2013

10 Things I Bet You Didn't Know About Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi was and is an inspiration.  He inspired Martin Luther King Jr, Steve Jobs and many others.  His peaceful protest of British Rule in India lead to their independence with very little blood shed unlike the American Revolution.  We tend to view this man as a god-like figure, but he was a person too.  Here are some facts that will place this figure back into the sphere of reality.

1. Mahatma isn't his first name.  I know! I was surprised to. It's actually the Sanskrit equivalent of saint.  Gandhi's real name was Mohandas.

2. Gandhi was rich, until he gave it all away.  He would have been in the upper 5% today.

3. He married at 13.

4. As a child he was afraid of the dark.

5. He smoked cigarettes as a teen.  He even stole money to buy them.

6. He was arrested 14 times and spent 6 years in jail.

7. Once, after refusing to pay bail, the British judge released him anyway.

8.  Another time, upon being release from jail he requested money from the British government for a taxi home and got the money.

9. He would sleep naked with young women in order to perfect his celibacy.

10. Gandhi never won the Nobel Peace Prize though nominated 5 times.

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