Friday, July 26, 2013


I've been away for a while, sorry about that, but during that time I have rediscovered my love for kinda shitty music. Just pass all the pop-punk and real pop over here please. I literally cannot sit in my seat when I listen to these songs, I just have to get up and move.  I hope you find something to move your butt to!

Hot Chelle Rae-Hung Up
Their videos crack me up. Especially the one with the girl from Pretty Little Liars. Quality entertainment.

Bastille-Laura Palmer
I am in love with this band. I don't know how to explain it there is just a deep connection.

Best Song Ever-One Direction
I'm sorry, but I love these boys.  I am proud to say I no longer stalk their lives like I did about a year ago, but the crazy stuff they chose to do just jumpstarts those feelings all over again.  They are literally making fun of themselves.

Panic at the Disco-Miss Jackson
I don't care if it sounds like Fall Out Boy, I love it.

Union J-Carry You
I thought I was done, but then this made me crack up.  Cute British boys plus the sequel to one of my favorite movies? I had to.

Austin Mahone-What About Love
I've started to take pride in how bad they are. I need to stop.

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