Sunday, July 28, 2013

Halfway-ish There

7 months in and I suppose it's time for a check in.  Back in January I wrote a post called "My Birthday List: 17 Goals for 17 Years", since it has been a little more then half a year since that post, I thought I would update you with my progress.

1. Decorate my room so I love it []
This goal is finally finished!!!! I just finished painting my room a couple weeks ago and besides one papasan chair, it is perfect!

2. Grow out my hair [✓]
It's on it's way, a little more than shoulder length at the moment.

3. Bake from scratch [ ]
I made some banana bread. Does that count?

4. Take ceramics all year [ ]
Okay, this one I have failed.  I've only taken one class so far this year.  I plan to sign up for another when school starts!

5. Declutter and buy less [✓]
SUCCESS! At last everything I own has it's own spot.  Nothing is too crowded and I've been on vacation this summer and haven't bought a single item.  I throw new things out all the time and I love it.

6. Spend spare time on test prep books [✓]
Yes, I'm that kind of girl.  There are about 9 test prep books laying around my room unfinished.  Some of them are from tests I'll never take again! However, with the SAT, ACT, and subject tests staring me in the face, they're getting quite a bit of use.

7. Read a fatty cold war book [ ]
Kinda.  I have been reading books on Stalin and that era for my Extended Essay this fall but I have yet to finish a complete book.

8. Take a picture everyday [ ]

9. Go camping []
Done it twice and planning a third!

10. Eat more salad [ ]
I think I made myself a salad less then 5 times this year. I'll try to eat more salad when school starts.

11. Spend less time on the internet [ ]
Counting the time spent on the tumblr app in bed, I can't say I've been spending less time here.

12. Make Christmas cards [ ]

13. Swim [ ]
This was going pretty well until summer came, since June I've gone less then 10 times...

14. Stay hydrated []
I have been really good about this one.  I can't even remember the last time I stood up and my vision went blurry.

15. Write in a journal [ ]
I'm still using the same journal that I started in September 2012, so no.

16. Make sushi [ ]

17. Use reusable bags []
I've started to carry one around with me and I always opt to carry my food from the grocery store.  My friends in Boston thought that was really strange.

7/14 not bad.  Maybe I will become the person of my dreams! What do you want to start doing?

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