Monday, July 8, 2013

Sally Hanson Sugar Coat Nail Polish

I have found a new favorite nail polish. I was hesitant to buy this when I saw it in the store, but now that it's on my nails, I really like it.  It was strange to get used to the bumpy nails but after a day, it was just as normal as other nail polish. Plus, the sugar effect is adds really cool texture where regular nail polish is just shiny.  Also, this polish dries really quickly! I swear less then a minute after I applied a coat, my nails were dry enough for another.  Amazing.  Also the polish has yet to chip off even though it's been through five days of wear.  I might even go pick up some other sugar coat colors or the fuzzy coat line if I'm feeling adventurous.  Anyone else liking the strange nail polishes this summer?

Sally Hanson Sugar Coat Nail Polish in Sour Apple
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