Tuesday, July 30, 2013

University Of Michigan, Ann Arbor

After visiting UC Santa Barbara, my family flew up to Michigan for some family time and made time to visit University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. U of M has been on my college list for quite a long time.  I'm slightly embarrassed to admit that I was introduced to this school via Starkid aka The Very Potter Musical kids. However, it is a wonderful school and frankly, I would love to attend.

Like every college tour, the 30ish families were funneled into a large meeting room where they told us why we should attend their school.  Then we were split up into groups and given a tour of campus.

Unfortunately, I was no where near as impressed or enthused by U of M's tour guide as I was by the guide at Santa Barbara but he related a lot of cool details about the college.  Plus the architecture more then made up for it. Also, what I saw of Ann Arbor besides the college also looked like a bunch of fun.  There were giant ants painted on the side of our parking building and there were signs everywhere to The Blind Pig, a music venue that looked super cool.  The only downside to the campus at U of M is that it's huge! You have to take a 15 minute bus to get to part of campus! I'm sure that would get annoying.

It's like Hogwarts just exploded everywhere!  The best part was that the archaeology classes (my chosen path) were in the most beautiful building on campus with ivy clinging to the walls and everything.  It was also really interesting to see how the campus was built.  The pavements were heated for snow and a ton of the buildings were made of brick.  Brick adds so much to a building and it was really cool to see styles so rare in California.

If I wasn't set on the college because of anything else, walking onto campus and seeing the sign below just cemented in my mind that I would be lucky to attend this college.  I got the vibe that I could learn a lot here and there seem to be many opportunities.  Plus, I should probably experience snow at least once right?

Important Admission Facts:
Average GPA: 3.83
Average SAT: 1990-2230
Average ACT: 29-33
Population: 41,924
Student to Faculty Ratio: 15:1
Application Available: August 1st (Common App)
Application Due: Nov 1st
My Major Interests: Ancient Civilizations & Biblical Studies, Anthropology, Classical Archaeology
Application Fee: $75
Total Tuition: $53,490
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