Tuesday, May 14, 2013

10 Things // 14

I changed today's prompt a little opting to focus on things that make me happy on a daily level rather than things like Christmas which only makes me happy once a year.  So, without further ado:

10 (Little) Things That Make Me Happy

1. Using Things Up

Being able to throw away an empty shampoo bottle, an empty bottle of nail polish, running out of Kleenex  wearing out clothes, knowing you got your money's worth out of something.

2. Exploring

New places + new experiences + the thrill of finding something you never knew existed before + nature = happiness

3. Swimming

It may seem boring to preform the same stroke every couple seconds for 40 minutes, but it makes you feel so good.  I'd always viewed exercise as excruciating and unnecessary and while it's still hard to drag my butt to the pool, I always feel better after.

4. The Sun

Picture of my friend when we ditched class to go to the dock
It's been in the 60s here in northern california and the shorts have appeared.  All lunch my friends and I lounge around on the grass singing, tanning, and gossiping.  A needed detox.

5. Sleep

I know understand why it's suggested to get 8 hours.  

6. Late Night Adventures

My haul from a late night easter egg hunt
This goes hand in hand with exploring.  Sometimes it's really like when we explore and we end up having an easter egg hunt at 3am at a house or dropping people off on dirt roads at 11pm to find their way home.

7. Weird Clothes

I bought a jumpsuit and  plan to wear it in public, 'nough said.

8. The Beach

Something about the waves and the sand in your feet is so relaxing.  Maybe it's because I'm a west coast baby but the beach is always a good idea no matter how cold it may be.

9. Cards

If you can't play or learn a card game, we can't be friends.  It's such a good way to get to know people.  If you play cards frequently, it's hard to be a sore loser.

10. Finishing Tasks

With school ending in only 3 weeks, everything is wrapping up and I love it.  I had my IB math exam on the 9th and 10th and I practically jumped for joy when that was over.  On the 20th my academic year will finally be over with the completion of my IB french exam and I can't wait to party it up with my friends!

Well, there is definitely a pattern in what makes me happy.  Most of them are a form of detox or stress releasers, however the stress is caused by some of them because I explore instead of studying for a test, oops!

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