Sunday, May 19, 2013

5 Favorite Blogs // 19

1. The Londoner

Rosie runs an amazing lifestyle blog out of London.  Within a day of discovering this blog, I had read every single post.  Some of the blogs I follow, I skim through new posts, but I read ever word of a Londoner post.  The food is delicious with plenty of recipes to explore plus wonderful trips that you can't wait to plan for yourself.  It doesn't hurt that she's gorgeous and a total nerd.

2. Skunkboy
Like Rosie, I devoured all of Katie's posts and read the backlog within a day.  Without fail, Katie always makes me want a cute little family like hers...and her wardrobe.  All those cute little summer dresses, yes please.

3. To the Sea

I only recently found this blog, but I quickly fell in love.  The mix of baby pictures, fitness tips, and adventures is perfect.  Erica, an US ex-pat is living in Tanzania.  The pictures from hikes, safaris, and the beach are inspiring.

4. Cider with Rosie

This girl makes me appreciate the wonder in day to day life.  Posts about 10 things that make her happy each week and weekly goals help me see the beauty around us instead of waiting for big.  I really thank her for that.

Beka is gorgeous and her posts about what inspires her fashion, inspire me to find my own.  Knowing that another girl my age is following her dreams and diving into them headfirst makes me want to follow her lead.


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