Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Rant // 22

Why does no one take nuclear weapons seriously?  We have the power to destroy our world more than once yet no political talks about it.  Yes, there is a peace treaty, but that hasn't lowered the number of weapons in the United States so why do we think it will limit the rest of the world! The US and Russia both sill have thousands of weapons ready to be deployed at any time.  It's amazing how little we have progressed since the 70s.

Scientists agree that a nuclear war would not just destroy the cities directly attacked by the bombs, but the entirety of the world.  There exist enough nuclear weapons to place the world into what is called a nuclear winter.  Basically the all the carbon produced by the massive fires after a detonation would infest the atmosphere and cut off the sun leaving the world to slowly starve.  Unfortunately, this slight problem (note the sarcasm) has not been addressed in any scientific way since the 70s.  There have been very few new tests and experiments to find the effects of a nuclear war so this terrifying possibility has left the minds of the public and that scares the shit out of me.   As soon as we stop worrying, that's when bad things can happen.

Finally and ironically, this video always makes me laugh.


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