Sunday, May 12, 2013

Like A Child

A combination of mother's day and a string of depressing dreams has made me revert back to my childhood.  When I was in 4th and 5th grade, my friend Sara and I make food for fairies everyday after school.  When the weather was good, we would pick flowers and leaves crafting them into a strange version of food.  Being in a sentimental mood, I decided to recreate this daily experience.

First, gather ingredients from around the yard
Weave a mat out of some weeds

Always maintain your focus ;)
Make some tacos out of flower petals and leaves. 
Tie them up but keep it pretty.

Don't forget extra flowers!

I have to say that was very relaxing, What kept us going for two years, you may ask? Actually, we communicated with these fairies.  Looking back I'm 100% sure that it was just my parents writing the notes, but it felt like magic to see words written in fancy script on leaves talking about small worlds.  I've never asked my parents for the truth of the matter, but if the fairies had been real, I think my parents would have called up the government or something.  I hope you're having a wonderful Mother's Day.  I'm going to go eat some flank steak with my mom.

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